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October 2022, the 4th. 

It was the beginning of something.

The pursuit of everything.

The little birds weren't even born. 

In their dream states, all alone in their nest.


Weeks later, the sun's crackle was burning our minds. 

Early, early in the morning Darling drove us to the infinite paradise. 

Birdy, birdy we talked about your life in the olden days. 

When one twat complained about your song and made us blind. 


The sand was your skin and the sea your breath. 

Her fragility and her moves your rise. 

His vision became your eyes. 

My fingers your lines. 


Dancing for your freedom. 

Drawing to keep you in this cage. 

Dancing to keep you in the underworld. 

Drawing your futur escape. 


Little bird fly safely. 

Little bird die peacefully. 

See you next time.... 


Your little birds 

Producer/Editor: Francesco Boccia         Danceur: Evie Oldham

Stylist: Jacob Ellliott Roberts         Painter: Pablo

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